Author: Mark Windsor

Unravelling the mystery of Lyme disease: Why Canada needs to do more

An excellent article on Lyme Disease, if you like the outdoors you need to read this. Michelsen is a rising star. Fifteen years ago, he was the toddler who burst out from behind the curtains singing Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas. As a young boy, he played the lead role in Oliverin his birthplace of Bermuda, before moving with his family to Toronto five years ago. Now, as a 17 year-old high school student, he’s a gifted singer and dancer, and attends the renowned Etobicoke School of the Arts. He work...
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GO Secure & OHIP Billing

GO Secure and CIS Integration One of the most frustrating parts of billing is not getting paid due to billing errors. Medical practitioners deserve to get paid for the work that they perform. With the billing wizard in CIS, you can easily upload and download files to the Ministry, helping to ensure fast and accurate billing submissions. Whether you bill as a solo practitioner, as part of a Group, or both, CIS can handle all of your billing needs. Requirements: Active GO Secure Account OH...
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Electronic Laboratory Importing

Electronic Laboratory Importing Canada is adopting more and more healthcare technology. Hospitals and medical laboratories are now able to send test results immediately to primary physicians using eligible EMR systems. New facilities and report types are being added all of the time. With CIS, you can easily and quickly download laboratory results and pathology reports directly into a patient’s chart. Patients are matched using existing EMR data, such as patient name, age, date of birth, and ...
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Hospital Report Manager Explained

What is HRM? Hospital Report Manager (HRM) is a system that allows qualifying clinics using EMR to receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals and medical facilities. OntarioMD is developing HRM on behalf of eHealth Ontario. HRM replaces the paper reports currently sent to a clinic with an electronic copy. The focus is on providing clinics with easy access to hospital records for their patients. HRM sends electronic Medical Records and Diagnostic Imaging reports from ...
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Infertility clinic work flow

Infertility Clinic Work Flow P&P Data Systems CIS EMR system provides the most comprehensive set of functions and modules to maintain your patients’ records electronically. Our system is customized to meet the unique needs of an infertility clinic as an exclusively referral-based practice. Each tool is set up to guide and assist the physicians and staff with patient consultations, complex patient treatments, and management of ongoing patient care such as cycle monitoring, medication trackin...
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13 EMR myths busted

electronic medical solutions
13 EMR myths busted There is much being said about EMRs and the EMR industry. Health organizations, software companies, and physicians themselves are making contradictory assertions and promises. This white paper addresses some of the myths that have developed over the early years of the industry and, by doing so, explains the basic facts about EMRs, their current importance in the health industry, and their practical use. Myth 1: EMRs are a fad. Once the Ontario funding program is over, they...
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Medical Ethics and Electronic Medical Records

“But what happens when your physician retires, moves or sells his/her practice? What happens when your electronic health record contains inaccurate information (a misdiagnosis, for example)? What happens when it has gaps (an unrecorded drug allergy)? What happens when a medical practitioner somewhere along the way has made a value judgment (high-maintenance patient, chronic complainer, hypochondriac) that could affect your access to care?” – Carol Goar
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EyeCareMR (ECMR) News

Visual eyes
Along with a new release of our EMR software in April, 2014, we are pleased to announce the release of our new Eye Care Medical Records (ECMR) product. This product is targeted towards optometrists and ophthalmologists who are interested in combining their practice management tools with a powerful electronic medical record. The specialized system has been under development for a number of years, and underwent careful scrutiny for many months through multiple testing cycles and beta sites. ...
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How does CIS evolve? We are listening to our clients

Clinic information Systems and our clients
Developing software as complex as CIS is no easy task. Each clinic and doctor is unique, each with his or her own needs and desires for an electronic medical record system. It would be impossible to build everyone’s idea of the perfect EMR system without providing a fully customized – and therefore, very expensive – system to each and every clinic. At P & P, however, we do our best to listen to our doctors, nurses, and staff in order to develop a system that meets the needs of as many people...
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CIS on a Surface Pro Tablet

SurfacePro with Keyboard When my marketing director asked me to write a blog about using CIS on a tablet I was very conflicted.  I have used a tablet myself for over 10 years, but only for the things I think it is good at: taking notes, and having information available when I am away from my desktops. Does our product work well on a tablet? Yes and no. Tablet computers have been around for more than 13 years.  The first one I owned ran Microsoft Windows and was fairly bulky.  It was interest...
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