Ontario’s Largest Medical Clinic Leverages Server Based EMR Solution to Manage Patient Care Across Ontario.

Ontario’s Largest Medical Clinic Leverages Server Based EMR Solution to Manage Patient Care Across Ontario.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – April 6, 2016- P & P Data Systems (www.p-pdata.com), a leading developer of electronic medical records software for the healthcare industry, is proud to announce that MCI Medical Clinics Inc. (MCI), a wholly-owned division of Altima HealthCare Inc. (www.mcithedoctorsoffice.ca) has selected P & P’s electronic medical records (EMR) management solution for its medical practices across Ontario. MCI’s 300+ full-time and part-time physicians will use P & P Data Systems’ CIS 8 at its 21 Ontario-based family practice, walk-in and specialty clinics.

The EMR solution is marketed as P & P Data’s Clinical Information System (CIS) and is one of the industry’s most robust solutions designed for medical practitioners looking to substantially eliminate paper from their practices. CIS can redefine patient care by offering a tool with flexibility and scalability for doctor driven workflow that can lead to improved patient care. This simply could not happen in the old paper-based world.

“We are always pushing to innovate and build a better EMR. Promoting and supporting innovation in the healthcare software sector is essential to improving patient and community care,” said Moshe Pinhas, President of P & P Data Systems. “We will continue working with healthcare providers with vision and integrity, to increase the adoption of electronic medical records and other technologies so we can all benefit from a more efficient health care delivery system.”

“That MCI selected to transition from an ASP to our solution for their clinics is proof of the strength and scalability of CIS 8. Our track record in successfully and thoroughly converting good data from various EMR systems comes from decades of experience.” Mr. Pinhas added. “CIS is in use at 21 of MCI’s health facilities, giving healthcare access to thousands of Ontarians. We look forward to growing with MCI and supporting their vision for all Ontarians to have access to world-class healthcare”.

“I am pleased that we have successfully migrated to P & P’s CIS solution; the process was better than I could have ever expected” said Dr. George Christodoulou, President and CEO of MCI Medical. “To successfully run a large medical network, with family doctors, specialists, allied health professionals and hundreds of staff, we rely on our technology partners to ensure that our systems are fully operational. Over the last number of months, P & P has demonstrated a great personal touch and even some of our most reluctant healthcare professionals are embracing the changes.” 

About P & P Data Systems Inc.

Established in Toronto in 1982, P & P is dedicated to serving the healthcare marketplace by developing software solutions that enhance clinical decision-making and improving outcomes for all Ontarians. P & P provides skilled trainers and implementation specialists to lead clinical administrative staff into the 21st century of electronic medical records. With P & P’s support, medical practices achieve their goals of embracing cost-effective systems with continued advancements in health care innovations. For more information about P & P Data Systems, please visit www.p-pdata.com.

About Altima HealthCare Inc. and MCI Medical Clinics Inc.

The largest and most experienced primary medical and dental healthcare provider in Canada, Altima HealthCare with Altima Dental and MCI have roots in Ontario dating back 24 years and in Alberta for 31 years. Altima Dental owns and operates one of the largest dental practices in Ontario and Alberta while MCI operates 29 full service medical clinics in Ontario and Calgary. MCI is a Canadian firm that specializes in helping physicians to improve their lifestyle and focus 100% on patient care because MCI assumes full responsibility for all administration and clinic operations. For more information about MCI, please visit www.mcithedoctorsoffice.ca.

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