Single Practice

Single or Small Practice

If you are looking for a clinic management solution for a small practice, CIS Base could be your answer. CIS Base is perfect for a solo or small practice. CIS Base gives you the ability to design, grow, and develop your practice. This allows you to continue to develop close, personal relationships with your patients and staff and provide your own unique style of health care.

CIS Base, potentially along with a couple of additional modules, is perfect for a solo to three-doctor practice. CIS Base offers all the features needed to run an almost paperless clinic

Patient Registration Module

  • Adds new patient data
  • Tracks patient demographic data
  • Track referring physicians
  • List preferred chemist
  • Create and print custom reports
  • Print custom labels
  • Fully customizable features

Calendar and Scheduling Module

  • Book patients
  • Track provider schedules
  • Create utilization reports
  • print patient labels
  • Schedule by type of visit
  • Book clinic rooms

Billing (Private and OHIP) Module

  • Digitally create and submit bills to OHIP
  • Digitally create and submit bills to WSIB
  • Create  private and third party bills
  • Build billing reports

Additional Tools and Modules

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Health Card Validation
  • Laboratory Results
  • Prescription Writer
  • Paperclip (document management)
  • Custom Forms
  • Letter Generator
  • Inventory
  • Immunization

With CIS 8 Base, you get our full hardware and software support, training and installation team; there is no need to look further. CIS 8 Base is deigned to save hours of administration time, maximize billing returns, improve patient care, and put you in control of running your business.

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CIS Base 8’s modular configuration allows your clinic to start small with the basics and add modules to your environment as. As You may find adding an EMR to your CIS Base system to be the final step in realizing the full potential of your practice.

Adding more providers and expanding your business to multiple locations is a common process, one P & P is capable of implementing at any time during your relationship with P&P.

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