Eye Care Medical Records

Eye Care Medical Records (ECMR)

Eye Care Medical Records (ECMR) is a full clinic management system designed specifically for optometry and ophthalmology. The implementation process strives to mimic how you provide patient care currently, while moving towards a paperless environment. ECMR is customizable to your needs as it is set up based on your processes, and will interface with your instruments.

All of the information you need to know about your patients’ health and history is visible in one place. ECMR is designed to be as simple and streamlined as possible. The technology will never divert your attention from your patient as you record the results of an examination.

ECMR allows for a streamlined approach to patient care while minimizing administrative overhead.

Advantages include:

  • Easy access to patient information, including past prescriptions
  • Eye care records are more complete, legible, and consistent
  • Access to current and historical test results
  • Improve the efficiency of administrative tasks
  • Streamline inter-office communications
  • Allow access to only authorized users
  • Customizable reports and queries
  • Interfaces with your instruments
  • Incorporated drawing tool
  • Import test results directly into the prescription
  • Customizable for your needs

A number of diagnostic machines are supported by our software. These include:

  • Fundus cameras
  • Visual fields test machines
  • OCT
  • HRT
  • A-scans and B-scans
  • Optical Biometer (IOL)
  • ECC
  • Corneal topographers
  • Slit lamps

Values can also be imported directly from supported auto refractors, digital phoropters, tonometers, lensometers and auto-keratometer.

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Optometrists

Vision Database

For those providers who keep stocked supplies, our Vision Database is designed to help keep you organized. You can ensure that you never run out of stock or forget an order. The Vision Database provides inventory management tools crucial to keeping track of your stocked supplies and makes creating orders for patients or the clinic a simple and easy task. It is closely integrated with our prescribing tools and your instruments. With a few clicks, it does the work of filling out the prescription information, ordering, and invoicing the patient.

Patient Registration

Every piece of demographic information has a place in the patient’s digital record including personal information, mailing addresses, from contact information, next of kin, familial relationships, health card information, private insurance information and more.

For even more flexibility, the patient registration tool offers customizable fields so that you can include fields specific to your practice.


With ECMR, appointments can easily be booked, confirmed, or modified. A patient appointment list, waiting list, recalled appointment list, and missed appointment list are available. Flags and timers built into the software ensure patients are carefully monitored while in your clinic.


The extensive billing tools allow you to directly bill patients, OHIP, WSIB, insurance providers, and third parties. This greatly reduces billing errors, which makes sure that you are paid for the services you provide. Billing tools are fully integrated into the scheduling tool, so you can instantly track unbilled appointments. The automation of the billing process allows CIS to handle some of the administrative tasks.

Prescription Writer

With ECMR you can prescribe glasses, contact lenses, drops, and solutions to your patient. Historical prescription information is quickly and easily accessed. You have access to prescription writer from directly within the ECMR, so you can move smoothly from examination to prescription. Additionally, in our Prescription Writer, you have full access to the First Databank, an extensive drug database that includes all the drops and solutions you might ever need to prescribe to a patient.


With our Paperclip tool, you have the ability to quickly scan documents sent to the clinic and add them to a patient’s chart. The incoming documents include test results, consult letters, and referral letters. With the added value of our Smart Scan technology, Paperclip also pulls important information directly from documents and adds them to the appropriate patient’s medical record without requiring any work from you.

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