About P & P

Our Story

P & P Data Systems Inc. was founded in 1981 as a result of a simple observation: family practitioners and specialists started to consider how they managed patient information and operated their practices, but businesses had not adapted. This imbalance led to Albert and Miriam to create their vision of an electronic medical record solution and to develop CIS, a clinical information system to support practitioners.

With their simple, easy to use, integrated billing and scheduling solution, family practitioners and specialists could deliver a level of patient care and document management that is prevalent today. P & P’s mission after all, is to help Canadian physicians transform their businesses for the better.

P & P is a privately held family company making it immune to trends, and corporate pressures, this allows P & P to focus on what is important; customer service, our long-term goals, and company vision.

What makes us different

Since 1981 P & P Data Systems has developed electronic medical record (EMR) solutions for the Canadian healthcare industry. We help family practitioners and specialists become quick and accurate at managing patient information.

We are dedicated to serving the healthcare industry. Our vision reflects this:

  • Improve efficiencies in clinics across Ontario
  • Improve efficiencies to better patient care.
  • Improve access to greater income and financial resources

Our Values

Customer Focused: We work hard to understand our clients’ needs, and develop our system around our clients’ feedback. Building strong customer relationships is important to our team and the success of our product.

Innovation: We strive to drive to medical software industry by ensuring that every product, service, and customer encounter is laced with innovative thinking.

Positive Work Environment: By placing high importance on mutual respect, open communication, professionalism, and honesty, our employees share fully in their dedication to improving the lives of customers and their patients.

Quality Solutions: We continuously review our internal processes to ensure they are optimized to allow us to work for our customers’ success as efficiently as possible while complying with all provincial and federal legislation.

P & P is a privately held company.