Hospital Report Manager Explained

What is HRM?

Hospital Report Manager (HRM) is a system that allows qualifying clinics using EMR to receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals and medical facilities. OntarioMD is developing HRM on behalf of eHealth Ontario.

HRM replaces the paper reports currently sent to a clinic with an electronic copy. The focus is on providing clinics with easy access to hospital records for their patients. HRM sends electronic Medical Records and Diagnostic Imaging reports from a secure folder to a provider’s EMR. The EMR imports the reports to a patient’s file for review and sign off. Reports are matched to a patient chart according to existing EMR patient data, such as primary physician, patient name, date of birth, and health card number. The sending facility and hospital provider information are also automatically entered into the record.

Benefits of using HRM

  • Quicker access to patient information
  • Improved continuity of patient care
  • Able to choose your own EMR categorization for incoming reports
  • Automatically flags new reports in your EMR
  • Less staff time spent on scanning/file of paper
  • Less paper coming into the office
  • Automatically links updated reports
  • Secure alternative to manual report distribution
  • There are no fees associated with HRM

Who is eligible?

If you have a Specification 4.1 (or higher) Funding Eligible EMR and an internet connection, you are able to sign up for HRM. Both General Physicians and Specialist can benefit from this service.