Group Practice

Group and Multi-Site Practices

P & P Data Systems offers Clinical Information Systems (CIS) and EMR solutions for group practices to coordinate healthcare over multiple physical practices, and multi-specialty practices.

P&P’s EMR solution allows for a streamlined approach to patient care while minimizing administrative overhead.

Advantages of connecting clinics and facilities

  • Easy access to patient information, including diagnoses, allergies, and family history
  • Deliver chronic disease management (CDM)
  • Deliver health management plans (HMP)
  • Medical records are more complete, legible, and consistent
  • Easy access to current and stopped prescriptions
  • Access to current and historical laboratory/imaging results
  • Improve the efficiency of administrative tasks
  • Streamline inter-office communications
  • Allow access to only authorized users
  • Customizable reports and queries
  • Customizable for your needs

With P & P’s EMR you can securely share patient medical records across multiple locations and specialties, share appointment space, access laboratory data and directly engage with specialists and referrals seamlessly. This enables physicians in each clinic to provide more informed medical advice to all.

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