Infertility clinic work flow

Infertility Clinic Work Flow

P&P Data Systems CIS EMR system provides the most comprehensive set of functions and modules to maintain your patients’ records electronically. Our system is customized to meet the unique needs of an infertility clinic as an exclusively referral-based practice. Each tool is set up to guide and assist the physicians and staff with patient consultations, complex patient treatments, and management of ongoing patient care such as cycle monitoring, medication tracking, IVF and other interventional procedures.

Custom Forms

P&P will work with you to create custom forms and work flows that include importing commonly used templates such as cycle/IVF daily monitoring sheets into an electronic format. Our CIS EMR software includes standard interfaces with multiple laboratories, with results imported directly into the patient chart. Additionally, we can interface with laboratory equipment such as Johnson and Johnson’s Ortho Clinical Diagnostic machine to automatically populate the patient chart and custom forms with lab results immediately upon their availability. Patient information, day of cycle, physician notes, and any changes in medications or dosage can all be tracked electronically from day to day, and for each completed cycle historically.

For a typical cycle monitoring visit, patients can sign in via kiosk by swiping their health card. The nurse or ultrasound technician can then enter Information into the system, prepare notes, and ready the patient to meet with the physician if required that day. Staff and physicians can view the patient day sheet to track the order in which the patients swiped in to the clinic, easing the confusion of a high volume, single check-in time for patients.

Our inventory control module allows your staff to manage fertility medications unique to your practice. Through this tool, staff can track usage and stock levels and create orders when quantities are low to ensure you have enough medications to match patient profiles. Reporting features also allow for medication usage trends and tracking.

Custom Templates

Customized templates of any commonly used forms can be added to the system, as well as letters specific to each physician in the practice. The full suite of EMR functionality includes patient charting, laboratory results that flow directly into the application, and Paperclip, our document management system, for scanning in any received patient documents, consultations, diagnostic imaging, or other tests performed externally. Our Prescription Writer allows for easy prescribing of patient medications not provided in-house, and generates lists of favorite medications and dosages by user. Private, third party and OHIP billing can all be performed within the billing module of the application, allowing multiple sources to be billed and tracked simultaneously.

Our experience with current clients running infertility clinics gives us a strong understanding of the implementation and training needs of this type of practice. At the same time, we understand that every one of our clients has unique requirements, and strive to ensure that we implement our CIS solution for each client in a manner that best works for their physician and clinic needs.

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