Team Leaders

Moe Pinhas

Moe is an accomplished  leader with an entrepreneurial flair focused on building health care brands, and sales. Moe is able to excite clients with innovative spirit and new ideas. Moe’s proven strategic guidance along with his client and team leadership abilities garner results. Moe has held a progressively challenging role in the Canadian electronic health care industry for the past 31 years. Currently President at P & P Data Systems in Toronto.

Bill Churchill
Senior Product Development Manager

Bill joined P & P in 1997. Bill has a deep understanding of clinical workflow and physician business needs, in a range of development-related areas, including project and product management, software development, and quality assurance. By untangling the complexity of EMR software development, Bill is transforming medical software disorder to clarity with continued exploration for the best clinical software.

Brad Dick
Chief Experience Officer, Director of Support Services

Brad has been with P & P since 1999, the days of Early Adopters to the EMR applications in Ontario.

Under his guidance in the role of the the Chief Experience Officer, Director for the Support Service Team, P & P has worked tirelessly to build a customer service platform unparalleled in the EMR industry. Empathy, attention to detail, and accountability throughout the service delivery is at the core of our business model and philosophy. We are here to provide a World Class Experience. Brad brings to the role a passion to Wow clients and be Day Makers in the delivery of our service to the thousands of clients we service. Everyday we evaluate at how we can better the client experience with our team members and or products. Given today’s reliance on automation over human interaction, you will find we definitely standout. Making lasting relationships with the people who rely on us.

Brian Merrill
Test Manager
Brian has been with P & P since 1996 and has also worked testing and implementing EMR solutions for the BC Government. Brian has acquired a tremendous understanding of the end user perspective by installing hundreds of hospitals and clinics across the country.  Brian’s role is tasked with the overall responsibility for the test effort’s success. The role involves quality and test advocacy, resource planning and management, and resolution of issues that impede the test effort.

Sales and Marketing Team

Nadia Okolowsky
Business Development

Nadia is P & P’s Business Development Representative and is responsible for identifying and qualifying prospective clients necessary for building new partnerships in healthcare. Nadia’s role involves establishing and executing an Ontario-wide sales strategy in collaboration with the sales, marketing, and business development team. Nadia is responsible for developing new, lasting relationships with physicians and healthcare specialists, with the full understanding of the challenges medical clinics face today.

Mario Cordoba
Senior Business Development Officer

Mario has twenty years of providing innovative solutions within Information Technology, Healthcare and Telecommunications internationally. Mario has strong expertise providing electronic solutions in the Healthcare sector. In addition Mario possesses an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their commercial applications in diverse market places.

Mark Windsor
Marketing Specialist
Mark has been with P & P since 2008. Mark is a communications, marketing, and technical design specialist with knowledge of corporate communications, technical documentation, print design, electronic design, and content  marketing for the medical technology sector. Click here if you would like to know more about P & P and our future business plan.