CIS is designed to connect with:

  • Health information systems
  • Laboratories for electronic orders and results
  • Pharmacies and drug data banks
  • Billing and payers
  • Hospital networks
  • Imaging services
  • Referring providers
  • Immunization registeries
  • Electronic devices and interfaces

Labs & Interfaces

Nothing could be simpler than CIS’ Lab module. Designed specifically for the busiest of providers, CIS will always alert you to the lab results you need to see, so you never miss an important update for a patient, even during your busiest days. Lab results are easy to read and are heavily integrated throughout the system, allowing you to track results against vital signs and other indicators.

Creating a lab requisition for a patient is just as easy. Wherever possible, the lab module mimics the paper forms you are already familiar with, allowing you to move quickly and smoothly through the requisition process. All lab activity is recorded in the patient’s record where it is easy to access and review.

CIS interfaces to many large labs, allowing you to download your patients’ lab results directly into the Lab module. These interfaces include, but may not be limited to

  • Gamma Dynacare
  • Alpha Labs
  • LifeLabs

CIS also interfaces with a number of types of medical equipment, including vital signs monitors, EKG machines, Holter monitors, and more. For a full list of the labs and medical equipment CIS integrates with, contact our Sales team today.

CIS Clinic Exchange Data Sharing Solution

CIS Clinic Exchange (CCX) is a powerful yet easy-to-use data sharing solution that enables healthcare organizations to easily exchange healthcare data and medical records. Connect and communicate with hospitals, specialists, and physicians participating in your patients’ care on a regular basis with CCX. CCX allows you to connect directly with your local hospitals to receive patient documents, test results, and consult notes, so you are always kept up-to-date on the latest information.

Clinics with multiple sites may be interested in our CCX feature. Our data sharing solution allows multi-site clinics to share medical records across sites seamlessly, with no interruption in care. There is no need to manually send files or results from one site to another, allowing your patients to visit any of your locations. The medical records and results you need to provide a high level of care will all ways be available, even if the location change is unexpected.


The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) is an initiative designed to improve the connectivity of physicians and clinics to the laboratories they use to process their patient’s lab results. OLIS allows physicians to download labs electronically directly from the labs. This allows multiple labs to send their results digitally through one convenient interface. CIS has fully integrated OLIS, making lab retrieval a smooth process, ensuring physicians always have the most current lab results for their patients. OLIS labs may be downloaded by patient, by date range, or by date range for the patients booked in the Calendar.

Chart Scanning

Adopting an EMR is the first step towards a paperless clinic, but it is certainly not the last step. Many clinics may wish to regain the rooms and hallways in which their patient’s paper charts are stored. Our chart scanning services provides the solution to your chart storage at an affordable price.

Scanning is performed quickly and efficiently in our secure facility. Our staff does their best to ensure that each page is readable and clear. Using our automated scanning system, your charts are automatically matched to the appropriate patient in your EMR system and uploaded to our document management module, Paperclip. Once all scanning is complete, we will return all your paper charts so you can destroy or store in an off-site facility as necessary.

Data Recovery & Recovery

When it comes to medical data, your clinic can never protect it too carefully. Data loss in a clinic environment can be detrimental, not only to the day-to-day operations of the clinic, but to patient care itself. To ensure our clients’ data is safe from all threats, from natural disasters, to malicious intent, we provide multiple layers of data protection and recovery.

As a reseller of Critizal Data and Storage protection, we are confident that our EMR system is a secure and stable vessel for your medical data. Managed back-up services ensure that recovery from unavoidable data loss is smooth and straightforward, so your clinic never has to experience any data loss or down-time.

Patient Kiosk

Your clinic is busy. Your staff are busy. With P & P’s Patient Kiosk, you don’t have to choose between sacrificing patient care and ensuring your clinic is operating smoothly. The kiosk allows your patients to check themselves into your clinic themselves with a simple swipe of their health card or, if they would prefer, by entering their name into an easy to use interface. The kiosk, which is linked to the Scheduling module, will update the patient’s appointment to alert your staff that the patient has arrived.

A powerful, but affordable addition to CIS, the kiosk will allow your staff to focus on contacting patients, setting up referrals, and communicating with physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals rather than managing the waiting room. Because the kiosk is installed on a simple, robust touch-screen computer, it is a very affordable module, requiring no specialized equipment for implementation.