Clinic Information System Add-ons

Clinic Information System (CIS) Add-ons

P & P’s CIS add-ons are optional features that help to deliver value and efficiency to your practice. As we develop new and innovative features, our focus remains on providing a stable, reliable system for our clients’ clinics. Built in a modular format, the system is highly customizable to meet our clients’ needs.

Each of these optional add-ons can be added individually at any time.

Real-Time Health Card Validation

Real time Health Card validation is just a click away in CIS. You can validate a card with a single click in Registration, Calendar and Patient Search. With rapid internet response times you will know the status of the patients health card within seconds. This allows you to correct the health card information prior to seeing the patient, reducing rejected bills from OHIP.

You can also run OBEC like functionality from our calendar days in advance. This allows you review the reports and contact any patients with Health Card issues prior to the visit. This will ensure you have all the correct information you need to bill, without having to try to contact the patient after the visit is complete and the patient is gone!

Text Messaging

Text messaging is completely integrated into CIS for many patient communication functions. You can send an instant text message to a patient immediate communication. Or you can send a batch of text messages to patients for appointment reminders (which also allows patients to confirm appointments from text and have that information in your calendar). These appointment reminder messages are completely customizable on your part, allowing you great flexibility when sending messages to the patient. If you have the EMR, you can send appointment reminder text messages to patients with a scheduled referral appointments. These messages include the address of the specialist, as well as the ability to send customized messages for any requirements the specialist might have.

Check in kiosk for patients
Check In Kiosk

Patient Check-In Kiosk

Our Check-in Kiosk not only allows patients to check in with a swipe of their health card, they can also use the touchscreen interface to check in. This will free up your staff, but it has many robust features for the patient as well. It allows you to show quick videos to the patients, or have them fill out a quick survey or even sign consent forms real time. All these forms automatically are placed in the patients Paperclip chart for review at any time. The Kiosk will work on a touch screen computer or tablet that can be securely mounted in your clinic. Or you could have multiple Kiosks on tablets to allow patients to fill out forms in the waiting room prior to the visit if needed.

Online Appointment Booking

Your patients can have the ability to book appointments using one of our online booking partners. You can set up your calendar with available times and purposes and the patient will do the rest! All of the scheduling options shown to patients are completely controlled by your staff to ensure that patients can only book their appointments in a way that works just for your practice.

Online Booking Partner - Verto
Verto Online Booking Partnership

Online Faxing Solution

With P&P’s Online Faxing solution you can do away with all the hardware and phone lines needed to send and receive faxes! Our Online Faxing Solution allows you to send faxes directly from CIS, and in many places with just a single click of a button! You can login to our faxing portal to view incoming and outgoing faxes at any time. And most importantly, we can port your current fax number over to the new system (in rare cases that may not be possible so we’ll check first before you sign up), and you won’t need your fax phone line any longer! You’ll save money without a monthly line fee and the hardware to run the fax system!

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