Top 25 Eye Care Innovations

Electronic health/medical records (EHRs/EMRs) have been around since the late 1960s, although the initial few decades following their introduction saw little momentum as the world was only catching on to the promise of computer technology. Survey carried out by subscribers of Ophthalmology Times No 15 in the top 25 innovatiions
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What to Expect at an Urologist Visit

What to Expect at an Urologist Visit You have just been told by your primary care doctor that you need to see a urologist, or perhaps you are experiencing symptoms that you think are related to your urinary tract and you have decided to make an appointment on your own. You may have some trepidation about your appointment and what to expect during your visit. Source: What to Expect at an Urologist Visit - Incontinence
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CIS on a Surface Pro Tablet

SurfacePro with Keyboard When my marketing director asked me to write a blog about using CIS on a tablet I was very conflicted.  I have used a tablet myself for over 10 years, but only for the things I think it is good at: taking notes, and having information available when I am away from my desktops. Does our product work well on a tablet? Yes and no. Tablet computers have been around for more than 13 years.  The first one I owned ran Microsoft Windows and was fairly bulky.  It was interest...
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