Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records Overview

CIS provides the most comprehensive set of functions within the industry to maintain your patients’ records electronically. Our EMR is designed to work the way you want to work. It is highly flexible and customizable to your preferences, so there is never a need to compromise your workflow.

With multiple different methods of entry, we allow you to create your notes on each encounter the way you are most comfortable. The system will guide you through the creation of each record, if desired. For more experienced users, templates and quick entry codes allow you to document a visit quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks or keystrokes.
The EMR module communications with every other module of CIS, making it a complete medical record system. Data is collected from your patient’s labs, immunization history, active drugs, and more, in order to create a complete cumulative patient profile so you can see all your patient’s crucial medical information at a glance.

At P & P Data Systems, we pride ourselves in working to make work-life easier for clinics and physicians by introducing and harnessing the latest ideas and technology. Everything in our Electronic Medical Records module has been designed with this goal in mind.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) is a pro-active approach to diagnosing and treating chronic diseases before they become a more complicated problem for the patient and, in turn, for the physician. Our CDM tools are leading in the industry, providing your clinic with every report and statistic you could need to identify trends in your patients’ specific medical information such as lab tests, vital signs, drug dosages, and diagnoses. Physicians are able to set normal values and alerts so the system will show, at a glance, any items that the physician and patient should be concerned about.

In some cases, the patient is not even required to come in to the clinic for an appointment. With a powerful interface to Pharmasmart, your patients can use blood pressure chairs at their local pharmacies and have readings automatically downloaded and displayed on their CDM spreadsheets in their medical records. They system will immediately alert you to any irregularities that may require assessment and treatment.

Our CDM tools are especially powerful for physicians who work with a number of diabetic patients. The system automatically assigns the appropriate CDM spreadsheet to diabetic patients, then automatically populates lab results for blood work, so you can track your diabetic patients’ health closely. This allows you to help them manage the chronic condition as you identify trends throughout their medical history.

Paperclip and Custom Forms

Despite ongoing efforts to increase electronic communication, much of today’s medical information is still coming in on paper or fax. Our Paperclip module helps your clinic manage all these pieces of paper that crosses your desk. Using powerful scanning technology, the system will identify and file each document into the appropriate patient’s file or section of CIS automatically. Previews allow you to be sure of the accuracy of your scans and the flexibility of the module allows you to modify some aspects of each document.

CIS also provides clinics with powerful management tools for all the forms needed for the day-to-day operations behind the reception desk. Our Custom Forms module makes it easy to fill out commonly used forms and print them for your patients. In fact, using custom form templates, your staff no longer need to fill out forms they complete over and over again at all. CIS will automatically enter the information needed; your staff will only need to double check for completeness and add minimal modifications for unique patients.

Forms are built directly on top of the paper forms you currently use; this means there is no compromising your workflow when you need to complete a referral form for your patient or if you would like to attach a very specific customized form to each patient’s record with each visit.  Custom Forms is integrated completely into the EMR module, which allows the system a new level of flexibility.

Laboratory Module and Pathology Reporting

Nothing could be simpler than CIS’s Lab module. Designed specifically for the busiest of providers, CIS will always alert you to the lab results you need to see, so you never miss an important update for a patient, even during your busiest days. Lab results are easy to read and are heavily integrated throughout the system, allowing you to track results against vital signs and other indicators.

Creating a lab requisition for a patient is just as easy. Wherever possible, the lab module mimics the paper forms you are already familiar with, allowing you to move quickly and smoothly through the requisition process. All lab activity is recorded in the patient’s record where it is easy to access and review.

Prescription Writer (ePrescribe)

With just a few clicks, your patients can have their prescriptions in their hand. The Prescription Writer module is fully integrated, ensuring an easy and safe prescribing process. The module integrates with the patient’s medical record to ensure prescribed drugs don’t interact with previously prescribed drugs or the patient’s allergies.

The Prescription Writer puts detailed drug information at your fingertips. First Data Bank provides a detailed database of drugs, including suggested dosages, usage warnings, and limited use codes.

Inventory Management Solution

CIS’s integrated Inventory module is the only one of its kind on the market. It heightens the functionality of the EMR system for clinics that manage inventory levels of immunizations, on-hand prescriptions, and clinic supplies such as bandages, crutches, etc. The inventory management functionality is seamlessly integrated in the Immunizations, Prescription Writer, and Billing modules, so tracking your inventory is a smooth process, adding nothing to complicate your workflow.

Immunization Tool

The Immunizations module is perfect for clinics who perform a number of immunizations throughout the year, or clinics who primarily administer the influenza vaccine during flu season. It allows you to track all administered immunizations, from complicated series and groups of vaccinations, to simple, one-time vaccinations like the flu shot. The module will track dates and times, allowing you to reach out to your patients to ensure they’re keeping up with their vaccinations.

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