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Clinic Information System (CIS)

P & P’s clinical management and electronic medical record system, Clinical Information System (CIS), is the latest version of our innovative suite of medical software tools. As we develop new and innovative features, our focus remains on providing a stable, reliable system for our clients’ clinics. Built in a modular format, the system is highly customizable to meet our clients’ needs.

For clinics that are not ready to move to a complete paperless solution, but need a tool that will track their patients’ appointments and billing codes, we offer CIS, Billing and Scheduling, a simple but powerful appointment book and billing system.

For clinics that are interested into committing to a fully paperless practice, we offer CIS with EMR. Our EMR system can come as a simple, bare-bones system, or decked out with all the bells and whistles of features that will provide additional power through functionality.

registration_iconDetailed patient information

Our Registration module is not merely a means to acquire basic patient information so it can be used in other modules of the system. Registration allows you to record details about your patients that you would normally leave inside the chart, such as preferred pharmacies or referring physicians. From this module, you can create and print custom labels and reports from patient information for any desired purpose. As with the entirety of the system, Registration is customizable to your needs, so you are capable of capturing any patient information you require.

calendarEasy appointment booking

The Scheduling module is easy to access and use, but it is by no means a light weight system. CIS Scheduling is designed to meet all your practice’s scheduling needs and beyond. CIS allows you to control patient flow, and provides visual cues as to how the day’s appointments are progressing. With the added value of P & P’s built-in Health Card Validation, the Scheduling module alerts you immediately when a patient’s health card in invalid, ensuring you have the opportunity to update the health card while the patient is in the office. The Scheduling module goes beyond tracking appointments and patient flow in the clinic, however; it is truly the nerve centre of CIS. From an appointment you can view the patient’s demographic information, bill the appointment, review the patient’s recent lab results, check their prescription history, and see a cumulative medical history in the medical records.

billingOHIP & RAMQ Billing

Working hand-in-hand with the Scheduling module, CIS’s Billing module is a complete billing solution that helps solo, small, medium, and large practices manage every day billing tasks. Many of these Billing tasks are automated through the Scheduling module, freeing staff to focus their time on other tasks and freeing physicians to focus on their patients’ care. With hundreds of reports at your fingertips, you will always be aware of the success of your practice.

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