Does P & P provide any back-up services focused on a medical environment?

Yes, P & P offers its customers Critizal Disaster Recovery Solutions. Critizal is a data protection specialist providing online managed or self managed back-up and disaster recovery. An overview of Critizal and its services is available at critizal.com.

Does P & P software warn me if a patient is due for preventative medicine procedure?

Yes, on every medical records screen there is a “shield” icon to display all preventative medicine measures that are due. Our specially trained staff can also enter your preventative measures due date and last done date, via reports provided by the Ministry of Health.

Does P & P software help me bill all bonus codes?

Yes, P & P’s FHG/FHN/FHO module automatically enters any code, based on the time visit, age of the patient and other criteria. These modules also include an integrated service enhancement administration (SEA) module, allowing you to track who qualifies for the bonus codes, who has reached their thresholds, and which patients have received letters and phone calls to arrange preventative medicine measures.

What is included with my annual maintenance fees?

All upgrades to your software, access to our help desk, our support website as well as onsite support are included. Each customer is also assigned a customer relationship manager that ensures total satisfaction. In addition, the company’s customers are often offered discounts on other software in P & P’s portfolio.

Are you compatible with voice dictation software?

Yes, you can enter your data via voice dictation software, like Dragon and many other software packages into CIS.

Can I create my own templates or modify the ones you give me?

Yes, you can create your own templates or modify the many templates that come standard with the solution. Modifying and creating templates is easy and speeds up the record keeping of similar visits. In multi-physician practices, you can even setup template profiles that allow each provider to have their own set of templates, without their view being cluttered by templates that are not required.

Can I track all chronic disease management items in a chart or graph?

Yes, you can track all CPP items very easily in the EMR in a chart or graph (the system pulls the data automatically). Each item in a CDM chart can be graphed simply by highlighting the item you want graphed.

Does P & P’s solution provide me with the limit use code while I am prescribing?

Yes, if the drug being prescribed has a limited use code, then you can choose the limited use code from the list provided.

Does P & P software help with medication management and warn about possible prescription errors?

Yes, P & P’s EMR solution comes with a prescription writer which helps prescribe, track and manage patients’ medications. Included in our prescription writer is an interface to the First Data Bank drug database that includes items like interaction warnings, pregnancy and lactation warnings, and drug and allergy warnings. P & P’s prescription writer also learns your scripting habits; saving you time entering in new scripts. For the prescriptions you use most often, you can enter a script in one click of the mouse.

How do I deal with all the forms that I currently have on my desk?

P & P’s EMR solution includes a custom form module, accessible from the clinical note screen. To setup a form, simply scan the form, set up the fields you want the system to complete (e.g. patients last name, or health card number), and then set up the fields you want to enter when completing the form. With P & P’s EMR solution, you can have all the forms you need, with none of the paper.

Can I receive Laboratory results electronically?

Yes, P & P was the first vendor in Ontario to develop its own laboratory system to interface with private labs. We currently interface to the most common private labs like Lifelabs/CML, Gamma-Dynacare, and HICL. On request, we also interface seamlessly with all other labs.

Can I convert and import all historical data from my current system to P & P’s solution should I decide to implement it?

Yes, P & P can convert data from substantially all legacy systems either through techniques we have successfully developed over the past two decades or through certified standards like CMS Specifications v2.0 & v3.0

Can I use P & P software on a Mac, with Linux, and/or Unix operating environments?

Yes, using Parallels or Boot Manager, you can use P & P’s solution on a Mac. The company also supports a MySQL database which will run natively on a Mac OS server, Linux Server, or Unix Server like SUN Solaris.

Does P & P software work with all versions of Windows?

Our solution is fully compatible with ALL versions of Windows as far back as Windows 98.

Can P & P work with non-physician healthcare providers?

Yes, P & P has specialized functionality for non-physician providers like family health teams, allied health practitioners, optometrists, physiotherapists, dentists, and chiropractors to name a few.

Is P & P’s solution appropriate for specialists’ practices?

Yes, P & P software supports virtually all specialties both from a practice management standpoint (registration, scheduling and billing) as well as from an EMR perspective.

Does P & P software support block billing?

Yes, P & P’s solution has specific fields to record and track your block billing plans, ensuring you are billing correctly and accurately tracking who has signed up for the service.

Are onsite visits included in my support contract?

Yes, onsite visits are included with every support contract at no additional charge. While we recognize that most issues are solved via telephone, we appreciate the importance of providing the industry’s best support – accordingly we are able to travel to your location to ensure your complete happiness.

Is P & P Data Systems owned by any organizations that I should know about?

No, P & P is a privately held company; we are neither an exercise in finance nor a mechanism to herd healthcare professionals politically. As a privately held company, we are free to commit ourselves to delivering the best quality product and services to our clients.

Does the software run in a network environment?

Yes, the software can run in a networked or multi-workstation environment on any computing platform. We are a technology based company and very adaptable to the needs of our clients.

Is the software modular?

Yes, our software is modular with our CIS 8 core program as the base. Our CIS 8 core program features a powerful calendar for scheduling appointments, a comprehensive registration module for adding detailed patient information, and a billing module to ensure submission of bills for scheduled appointments are not overlooked. The core system is a sound Clinical Management Software (CIS), enabling clinical staff to organize all administrative tasks with ease.

Advanced EMR modules can be added to our core program, allowing users to maintain an accurate and paperless patient record. Our EMR program follows standard SOAP note formats for entering information and allows for simplified tracking of prescriptions, immunizations, electronic document organization and health maintenance plans.

Can I get a trial version of the software?

Although we do not provide a trial disc, we can schedule a demonstration at your convenience. We will walk you through the software and discuss the features and benefits of our clinical suite.

How much is the software?

The cost of our software licensing is relative to the number of providers and which modules you decide to outfit your practice with. Please contact us for more details.

Do I have to buy the software?

Yes, the software must be purchased. If you are unsatisfied with the solution after thirty days we will uninstall it and fully refund the software and provider license fees.

How do you provide support for your software?

Technical support representatives are able to assist Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 8:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am to 2:00pm. We also provide remote desktop troubleshooting during these hours as well. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved, we will send an onsite technical representative to your site at no additional cost.

Do you provide training?

Yes, our skilled installation and training representatives work with you at your pace. We provide full-day training based on your requirements and which software modules are purchased. All training is bankable such that we provide an initial training session to familiarize you with the features of the program and return at a later date to follow-up and address any questions. Additional training can be purchased in half-day sessions.

What are the different ways that I can contact support?

You can contact P & P support via phone, fax, e-mail, and through our web tracking service. If your issue is time sensitive we prefer that you phone the help desk. To access our online web tracking service, call our help desk at 1 800 678 6450 to set up your account.

What are the hours of your support desk?

Our help desk hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We also offer extended 24-hour support.

Call our Customer Support Departments at 1 800-678-6450