MCEDT and HCV Web Services Upgrade

OHIP  Certificate Update:
MCEDT and HCV Web Services

The Ministry (MOHLTC) will be updating its security certificates and cryptography protocol associated with OHIP Billing to be in line with industry standards. Technical specifications to MCEDT and HCV has required all vendors to modify their security certificates and cryptography protocols. The current MOHLTC URLs (web pages) for the EDT Web Service and HCV Web Service will be decommissioned December 9th, 2016. Please follow the How To Update CIS instructions to avoid billing and HCV interruptions.

How To Update CIS

P&P Data Systems has successfully completed conformance testing for MOHLCT and has a CIS patch ready for download.

In order for P&P clients to maintain an uninterrupted billing cycle and continue to validate health cards we advise all clients to do the following:

When the Installer opens please follow the steps below

  1. Click Run
  2. Click NextInstaller
  3. When asked to choose the Destination Folder click InstallChoose location-Default

If you have an issue with downloading the patch or installing the update please call HelpDesk at 416 665 6450 Ext. 5

To Learn More

To find out more about this change by the MOHLTC please Click Here or download the MOHLTC Bulletin PDF.