Hamilton study a “game changer” for prostate cancer treatment

Juravinski Cancer Centre study halves the amount of radiation treatment needed

Hamilton Spectator

By Joanna Frketich

A “game changer” study has concluded many prostate cancer patients need half as much radiation treatment as currently given. Ontario hospitals are already starting to change treatment to four weeks from the standard eight because of the study led by Hamilton’s Juravinski and Toronto’s Princess Margaret cancer centres.”You will find practice will change fairly rapidly,” said Dr. Padraig Warde, provincial head of radiation treatment at Cancer Care Ontario. “It’s a very significant finding.”The shorter treatment was found to be just as effective and possibly safer in the Prostate Fractionated Irradiation Trial (PROFIT) involving 1,200 patients and almost all of Ontario’s cancer centres.

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Source: Hamilton study a “game changer” for prostate cancer treatment