Customer Care

What is World-Class Cus­tomer Service?

World-class customer service is commonly defined as the ability to meet or exceed a customer’s expectations. As technology expedites the growth of new service and support channels, customer expectations of service delivery are also changing. A company’s ability to provide world-class service however has not changed as an element in long-term success. At P&P Data Systems we first focus on the human factor, making the customer service tangible and intimate allowing our teams to empathize and understand the needs of our clients. Although many new tools are evolving to allow efficiencies and service delivery we strongly believe in the relationships are still our number one Pillar is being a leader in Customer Service.

Help Desk Support

Our P & P Support Service team is made up of a Client Care Team that is organized to provide you with the utmost attention to detail and consistently providing the intimate support our busy clients crave. We have all dealt with the big telco’s in our personal lives for the mundane purpose of a home phone line, however in our clients busy and often hectic professional worlds that level of inhumane, uncompassionate and “take a number” support model simply isn’t enough. Our objective is to set the standard of customer service for healthcare professionals.

On-site and Remote Training

P & P provides  training programs with options to suit your practice’s unique needs:

  • Interactive Remote Training provides you and your staff one-on-one Internet-based sessions with an experienced trainer in an environment designed to offer convenience and to minimize the impact on your day-to-day operations.
  • Onsite training for those learners who find greater success in a face-to-face, classroom-type environment.
  • LogMeIn Assistance (can be done remotely or onsite)
  • Project Management: Unlike many other medical software companies, P & P believes that project management is crucial to a successful EMR implementation.
  • Template Customization Service
  • Monthly enrichment sessions for end users

Our Implementation and On-site support Team

Our Support Service Team also boats one the most senior implementation team in the Industry with all of implementation team working a minimal 5 years, some 12-15 years in the EMR market. We’ve watched the industry change and along with it the processes and procedures in our clients offices change.

Implementing an EMR or changing the administrative application in our client’s offices isn’t simply about showing up, installing a new application and giving you a few moments of “how to’s”. Through years of experience and 100’s of clinics implemented by each of our implementation specialists, we understand it’s about helping you adapt your process to fit the new EMR and helping you feel comfortable and excited to take on the new efficiencies and Tools. Understanding how clinics work and what works best in most situations makes our team outstanding. Add to that the personal, intimate trainings and ongoing relationships our clients build with our teams and our clients often wonder how they could have managed with a less than personal and outstanding support model.